Why is it important to get measured for a saddle?

From high withers to curved, bumpy backs and riders with all lengths of legs we have made saddles to fit them all. At Frank Baines Saddlery we know that when it comes to a saddle there is no such thing as a universal fit. Buying a saddle is an important decision as every horse and every rider is unique. It’s always beneficial to get advice from experts who will listen to your needs and be able to see and measure your horse. They can give you the professional advice you need to make this important purchase and this will result in the best saddle for you and your horse.

Like many other items you buy tailor-made, when you take measurements you get a finished product that fits better and a saddle is no exception. We only work with trained saddle fitters, who also know how important a proper fit is for safety, horse health and of course to improve your comfort, balance and stability.

Your saddle fitter will assess the shape of your horse, take lots of important measurements and help you to choose the Frank Baines saddle that will suit your needs.

This might be a good place to talk about the post that Ann shared on Facebook about widths and sizes differing from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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