What is TreeClix?

For us, there is nothing better than spending a day in the saddle, lets make sure your horse experiences it in the same way. As we all know, your horses weight varies due to the changing of the seasons. As spring is finally here, it is important to ensure your saddle can be adjusted to accommodate your horses frame. Here at Frank Baines, we are proud to work in conjunction with TreeClix to ensure your saddle is optimised for any changes to your horses weight and structure throughout the year, resulting in a safe and comfortable ride and ensuring the welfare of your horse throughout the year. 

TreeClix – is a revolutionary new tool, designed to improve both the performance and lifespan of your saddle without any compromises. By implementing simple alterations, the TreeClix product can prevent discomfort, lameness and unwanted behaviours by restoring balance, freedom of movement and correct saddle posture. 

By utilising this amazing system, your saddle can be adjusted with 7 different wedges so  that the tree can be structurally manipulated in stages from 5mm to 3.5cm, depending on your horses requirements. This is achieved without risking unevenness of the treepoints, damage to the tree and without tampering with the shape of the head and twist of the tree. Offering you more precision, durability and comfort all together.

Saddle fitters, do you have an adequate stock of wedges? If not, please contact us directly to secure your order. Order your unique Frank Baines saddle with our free TreeClix gift to you throughout 2023. 

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