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Hand Made Bespoke Leather Dressage Saddles
Hand Made Bespoke Leather Show Jumping Saddles
Hand Made Bespoke Leather Saddles

We design and hand-craft, award-winning Dressage, Jumping and Eventing saddles. All of our saddles are custom made to your specific requirements, ensuring the best possible fit and riding experience, no matter what your discipline. We only use top quality soft, hide leather resulting in a premium saddle, soft to the touch, extremely comfortable and durable. 

All of our dressage, jumping and eventing saddles are individually made which means you have the opportunity to create something that is stunningly different, setting you and your horse apart from the crowd. Choose from our wide range of top quality leathers; add coloured stitching, customise the cantle and welting and add shiny crystals to make a saddle as individual as you.

Many of our saddles can be designed on our award-winning digital saddle configurator Build My Baines.

The Symphony Collection

Operetta Dressage Saddle – Offering its rider a sleek, streamlined design that delivers an ergonomic dynamic ride with effortless close contact and control. Built upon a unique hybrid laminated beech wood tree, the Operetta has a narrow twist that is complimented by a broad seat, assuring the optimum riding position. A fit so good, it suits a broad range of horses and riders.

It is clear why the Operetta is our most popular dressage saddle as it features a slim front-gusset with a hard to reduce bulk, a sleek wool-flocked, mono flap bringing comfort and closeness. Additionally, the thick block perfectly aligns the leg position for maximum control. Finally, with a wide gullet, this gives the horse’s spine greater clearance, ensuring freedom of movement.

The Operetta dressage saddle possesses a striking shape, giving it a stand out from the crowd look. Made from the finest, exquisite leather, the saddles’ features can be customised to accentuate its sharp design and set the rider apart from the competition.

Adagio Dressage Saddle – part of our luxurious Symphony range, designed specifically for the discerning dressage rider looking for a contemporary look. The Adagio delivers exceptional performance with a modern design.

Built on a laminated beech wood tree with a round cantle and medium twist and a medium depth seat results in an accurate and secure riding position. The mono flap provides close contact between the horse and rider with a large block securing the riders position allowing for a straighter leg. Wool flocked panels provide better fitting and adjustability for the horse and a generous gullet minimises pressure on the horses spine.

The Adagio is available in three style options to suit all tastes. Our most popular being the plain flap and skirt with an added flap insert. Other options available are the quilted flap and the full covered flap and skirt.

Etude Dressage Saddle – New to the Symphony collection, the Etude promises to be a future style icon. Stunningly hand stitched it radiates high craftsmanship and quality. Built on a new hybrid tree, the combination of two original models allowing a high head with a flatter back and medium twist. The mono flap and exterior block fitted high allows thigh support and affords the rider greater closeness, control and security. With the additional benefit of a shaped scalloped skirt to remove bulk under the riders leg.

Available in a full covered flap and skirt or a full plain flap and skirt. Designed for the rider who desires a comfortable yet close contact fit offering freedom of movement for the horse with the assurance of the riders stability to increase all round performance.

Soprano Dressage Saddle – New to the Symphony collection, the Soprano has evolved from the Union Lux to suit the rider who requires a saddle designed to improve closeness and mirror their leg position. Made on our most popular and versatile dressage tree, the Soprano allows good clearance of the horse withers and is open in the head to allow free movement of the horses shoulders and spine. A narrow twist with medium depth seat places the rider in an upright position allowing balance pressure to drive the horse, giving the rider a finest control and improving their performance.

The saddles versatility allows the block shape to be altered for improving position, closeness and adaptability. A fully covered mono flap and full length exterior block as standard allows security and stability for the rider in addition to supreme comfort and close contact.

Galliard Jumping Saddle – has been specially developed utilising core design elements from our most popular saddles. A jump saddle with enhancements that deliver exceptional performance in an exacting discipline. The result is a saddle that disperses pressure, distributes weight and improves comfort for the horse, particularly when landing from a jump.

Made from a medium depth laminated beech wood tree with an extra soft seat. Wool flocked panels with a full front gusset and the option of a 3/4 gusset are available with velcro knee and thigh blocks for easy adjustment to the riders preferences. The Galliard jumping saddle comprises a full covered flap and skirt made from luxury calf leather resulting in a close contact feel.

Virtuoso Jumping Saddle – The crown of our eventing saddles here at Frank Baines. Developed using core design elements from our most popular Eventing saddles, Virtuoso is skilfully enhanced to ensure exceptional performance in the exacting disciplines of eventing. Built on a laminated beech wood tree with an open, extra soft medium flat seat, it enables the rider to easily manoeuvre and reposition after a jump with fixed exterior blocks offering rider security.

The Virtuoso saddle is packed with features needed for close contact between the rider and horse. With a mono flap allowing close leg contact, flexible wool flacked panels enhance ultimate freedom in the horses shoulder area allowing for maximum movement and a generous gullet minimising pressure on the horses spine. A full length gusset comes as standard, with an option of a 3/4 gusset, complete with a concealed long girth strap arrangement.

The Classic Collection

Omni & Omni Mono Dressage Saddle – One of our most popular dressage saddles, the deep seated Omni offers the rider a secure, stable and balanced feel in the seat whilst still allowing the rider and horse to communicate in harmony. an essential component of dressage riding. A large moulded, blocked pad together with a generous knee block enables the rider to have a superior close contact feel in the leg and still allow full support.

The Omni has a beech wood tree, deep seated and sharpened underneath with a wide twist. Additionally, with a deep centre of balance this places the rider in the correct position at all times.

Encore Dressage Saddle – Our traditional and elegant Encore dressage is a surprisingly innovative saddle. Its classic design sits alongside highly customisable features, giving the rider the opportunity to bespoke the knee block and position to suit the riders requirements. Our local stockists will work with you using our unique Velcro Graph pad and a selection of five different size and shape blocks to give you a bespoke fit and ensuring the exact support and fit you require. Your Encore will then be hand made to fit your exact specifications on our most popular fitting Elegance tree using the finest materials available.

Elegance & Elegance Deluxe Dressage Saddle – Is the ultimate choice of dressage saddles and has been developed to maximise the comfort of the horse whilst assisting the rider to achieve the perfect balance, close contact and harmony. The Elegance offers riders all the key features needed to compete at a world class level. Based on a specifically designed and very popular dressage tree, the Elegance gives good clearance of the withers and is open to allow free movement of the horse’s shoulder and spine to deliver a comfortable fit and ride.

Pirouette & Pirouette Deluxe Dressage Saddle – Helping placing the rider in the classic Dressage position and giving you the closest possible leg contact with your horse. A single flap system allows the rider to feel extreme comfort with their horse and its movements. A concealed V girthing system eliminates bulk under the riders leg and minimises movement whilst a velcro block fitted to the panel underneath offers the option to alter the block and its position to suit your specific needs.

Andante Dressage Saddle – New to our classic range, the Andante combines a time honoured, elegant and traditional design with cutting edge technical capabilities. Delivering you a revolutionary riding experience with greater comfort for you and your horse. Its bespoke design achieves clean lines and an impeccable finish, something you naturally expect from one of the worlds finest custom made saddle makers. It features a twin flap with a three-quarter front gusset as standard and a short leg panel to mould to your horse. Its core is a new hybrid tree, evolved from two original models allow a high head and a flatter back with a medium twist. With an adjustable velcro block allowing personal customisation of block shape and positioning ensuring a unique fit. Manufactured using top quality flocking and leather, the saddle delivers both durability and comfort.

Enduro Endurance Saddle – Designed for endurance and providing excellent comfort for both the horse and rider so you can go the extra mile. The specially designed tree is made with an open head and narrow waist, supporting broader panels to help distribute the riders weight evenly. Supreme comfort is assured thanks to a range of features developed to ensure stamina. An excellent bearing surface with a close contact feel is combined with soft wool flocking. Additionally, its cutback head prevents impact and rub on the wither whilst a wider than usual gullet increases airflow, reducing fatigue and overheating. For the rider, a deep comfortable soft seat, together with extended flaps enables long and balanced rides even over tough terrain. Endurance and competitive riders will recognise this saddle as having all the required features for the longest and most pleasant journeys.

Reflex & Reflex Mono Event & Jumping Saddle – Designed to meet the demands of both show jumping and event riding. The tree design is fairly deep, giving the rider security and supreme seat comfort. The panel is formed to suit a horse that has more contours and shape to their back, resulting in a saddle that is as comfortable for the horse as it is for the rider. Available in two widths and with either a wool flocked or pre-moulded foam panel. Customisable velcro blocks also enable the rider to alter their position and size of the block required ensuring a unique fit.

Edessa & Edessa Mono Show Jumping Saddle – A beautifully crafted saddle made with calf skin, covered flap and skirt. The laminated beech wood tree holds an open, extra soft medium supportive seat that allows for added rider security and comfort. A wide bearing surface in the wool flocked panel allows for even weight distribution and a generous gullet minimises pressure on the horses spine. The knee pad is moulded around the knee block to give instant shape and high levels of support to the riders leg. For the riders who demand closer contact, the Edessa is also available as a mono version. For a flatter seat shape to the panel, we also offer the Evolution which has the same visual appearance.

Evolution Show Jumping Saddle – The evolution is a beautiful show jumping saddle made with a calf skin covered flap and skirt. The knee pad is moulded around the knee block to give instant shape and support to the riders leg. Built on a narrow waisted, wide seated tree that suits a horse with a flatter back, the Evolution’s complimentary open seat enables the rider to move position within the seat whilst maintaining perfect balance and control of the horse. A wide bearing surface in the wool flocked panel allows for even weight distribution and a generous gullet minimises pressure on the horses spine. For a deeper seat and shape to the panel, we also offer the Edessa which has the same visual appearance.

Elan Event & Show Jumping Saddle – A favourite of British event rider Polly Stockton, the Elan saddle is designed for the true connoisseur rider. It is loved by 3 Day Event riders and Show Jumpers alike. This is thanks to its flat, open seat allowing easy repositioning whilst on the move. Its narrow waisted, wide seated tree enables the rider to maintain perfect balance and control of the horse throughout. Its shape suits a horse that has a flatter back and thus has a more complimentary open seat for the rider, allowing them to move position within the seat effortlessly. Additionally, the adjustable velcro blocks enable the rider to customise the position and size of the block shape required, ensuring a unique fit.

Eclipse General Saddle – based on an award winning custom saddle entry in the Saddle of the Year Competition. While no single saddle is going to be perfect for everything, the Eclipse GP has been designed for versatile riders who enjoy many types of equestrian activities, whilst still demanding a high quality ride. A newly designed flap enables the pad to mould around the knee block providing additional comfort and supportive stability. Riders are offered extra choice as this model is available on two different styles of tree. One to cater for the more thoroughbred fitting up to a wide-fit and the other is suitable for the extremely wide-fitting horses up to our 8W fitting.