About Us

Frank Baines Equestrian Dressage Show Jumping Eventing Horse Saddles

Frank Baines Saddlery and Fellow of the Society of Master Saddlers (www.mastersaddlers.co.uk) has a long and proud history in the equestrian business. As a young man, Frank was inspired by his grandfather who also worked in the trade. We are A family-run business, established in 1980 with connections to the trade dating back over 150 years, specialising in equestrian dressage, show jumping and eventing saddles. 

We are a trade leading, multi-award winning, hand crafted leather saddle manufacturer based in the UK. Our workshop is located in Walsall, the beating heart of the leather industry where fine saddles have been produced since the Middle Ages. When you purchase a saddle from Frank Baines historic craftsmanship, steeped in history is sewn right in. 

Our History

We have earned an enviable reputation for producing exceptionally high quality, innovative saddle designs that deliver high performance and the ultimate fit. Frank Baines saddles are sold and exported to over 22 countries worldwide. We only sell our saddles through our network of Approved Stockists who are located worldwide. All of our stockists have met our rigorous requirements and are qualified, saddle fitters. 

Ensuring each innovative saddle delivers against the exacting requirements of each discipline. Our saddles are available in a range of classic and exciting contemporary designs with exceptional performance being a key feature throughout. Our award-winning saddles are specifically designed and crafted to satisfy the requirements of both horse and rider. We use only superior materials, including the highest quality, luxurious, soft hide leather. The result is a premium saddle that is soft to the touch, providing extreme comfort, durability and of course, that distinctive heady aroma of top-quality leather. 

Fancy having a go at designing your own saddle? Then visit our “Build My Baines” saddle configurator, our award-winning program that lets you select different colours and materials to build your own unique saddle. Would you like to give it a try? Go to frankbaines.com/bmb/ to give it a go.