Why do saddles slip?

A saddle that slips is a common problem for riders. A saddle that slips in any direction is unsafe and so you must try to remedy the problem.

The most common reason for saddles slipping is that it simply doesn’t fit. This is the reason we only sell Frank Baines saddles through qualified fitters, because finding the right fit for you and your horse is crucial. If the saddle is the wrong shape or it is built on the wrong tree then this is difficult to fix.

There are other simple checks you can do to reduce movement.

Check your girth, girths can easily loosen whilst riding. Ideally you should check it after you have mounted and then again after a few minutes and continue to do so during your ride. Girths can loosen so it’s safest to regularly heck.

Check your stirrups. Many riders unknowingly sit unevenly in the saddle, putting more weight on one side than the other and this can move your saddle off centre. Get someone to check for you by looking from the back when you are riding or check the length of each by sizing them up next to each other.

Use a non slip saddle pad, pads that are made from felt or fleece are not grippy and your saddle may slip across them.

Use a breastplate which will help to stabilise your saddle.

If none of these adjustments work, chat with a qualified saddle fitter who can have a look for you.