Galliard Jumping or Cross Country Saddle

The Galliard offers riders the versatility of a Jump and Cross Country saddle, allowing movement and performance to unleash your horses’ true potential.

Product range: Symphony

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Design and fit

The Galliard Jumping and Cross Country saddle is specially developed with features and enhancements that are sure to improve your performance. This saddle has an EXP system which allows pressure distribution when landing from a jump. If you are looking for a saddle that helps you make exactly the right moves then the Galliard is for you. This saddle suits horse with medium to high withers and a flat back.

Features and benefits

  • Built on on a laminated beechwood tree
  • Medium-deep, seat extra soft seat for ultimate comfort
  • Full covered cowhide covered flap and skirt for extra close contact
  • Velcro knee/thigh blocks – adjustable to fit your preferences
  • EXP (Extended Point System) helps distribute pressure from the point of the saddle tree when the horse lands from a jump
  • Full front gusset comes as standard with the option of a 3⁄4 gusset
  • Available with choice of two panels.
    • a woollen bag panel (mono flap) – the wool flocking helps fill out uneven contours and atrophy, good for riders who want close contact
    • a wool panel (twin flap)- the wool flocking helps fill out uneven contours and atrophy
  • See Build My Baines for full colour options and other materials

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At Frank Baines Saddlery we focus on fit, so we only sell our saddles through our network of Approved Stockists. All of them have met our rigorous requirements and are qualified, saddle fitters. Together, we support you during your saddle buying journey,  to ensure you get the ultimate fit for your horse and cutting edge design that you will love.

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