How should a dressage girth fit?

The range of dressage girths on the market can be confusing and overwhelming with so many different styles and shapes. So how do you know which to choose? Which one is right for you depends entirely on the shape of your horse and we recommend that you talk to your saddle fitter in order to get the fit that works best for you, your horse and your saddle.

Here is a quick guide to our range and some fitting pointers:


All Frank Baines dressage girths are hand-cut from top quality cowhide leather They are hand-made so they are strong and reliable.  


Ergonomic shaped dressage girths are specially shaped to allow room for the horse’s elbows and shoulder. This helps reduce gathering up and can prevent rubbing. A wider centre also helps even out pressure in the breastbone area.

We also offer a limited edition sheepskin dressage girth it’s ergonomically shaped and has extra soft memory foam for comfort. The sheepskin liner helps to regulate temperature and soaks up moisture so they can be good for a horse with sensitive skin. Ours comes with 2 sheepskin liners which are easily removed for washing.

How wide should the girth be?

Generally speaking a wider girth will be more comfortable as they give a wider bearing surface and distribute pressure.

What about padding?

Padding helps to reduce pressure and rub against your horse’s body.


Look for roller buckles as this helps smooth, easy fitting.

How tightly should the girth fit?

When fitting the girth to your horse for the first time work with your horse to see what is most comfortable by tightening it gradually. Ideally you should be able to slide your hand flat underneath the girth. Your horse should be breathing comfortably.

A correctly fitting girth will make a difference to your horse’s performance so it’s worth taking time to find the right one.

We are currently adding to our range, but please let us know if there is something you specifically want and we can have a look at it for you.