Winter care for your horse top tips

As the nights draw in and the weather turns colder horse owners begin to turn their thoughts to the challenges of winter and the extra care that is needed to keep their horse healthy and happy during the cold months.

Monitor weight and increase food intake
When they are cold, horses are more likely to shiver and burn more calories which can lead to weight loss. When a horse is digesting its food this will also increase their body heat and keep them warm. So provide plenty of good quality hay to maintain weight. Keep a close eye on their weight and general body condition.

Ensure water doesn’t freeze
Hydration is essential, check water twice a day and remove any ice formations or  invest in insulated water troughs or buckets.

Keep warm
Provide shelter so that your horse can get protection from winter ravages. If your horse is to be kept outside they will need a waterproof and breathable turnout blanket. Make sure you only blanket your horse when its clean and dry. You can also buy stable blankets for when your horse is inside.

Check their feet
You may ride less over the winter but hoof care is still important. Run regular hoof checks for debris.  Add sand to slippy outside areas to prevent slipping.

Exercise your horse
Make sure you offer plenty of opportunities to hand walk your horse outside. This will help your horse’s circulation and digestive health.

So don’t forget, providing a rich forage based diet and protection from the elements is crucial to keep your horse in tip-top condition during the winter months. We will see you outside! Wrap up!

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