Top tips for horse road safety

This week is Road Safety Week. Whilst we are educated regularly about safe driving and pedestrian awareness we are told less often told how to react when we pass horse on the road.

There are an estimated 58,372,106 horses across the world, and nearly a million horses in the UK alone. If you drive there is a very good chance you will meet a horse and a rider whilst on the roads.

If you do see a horse on the roads whilst you are driving:

1. Remember horses are easily scared. Their instinct is to break away from danger, so it’s safer to assume that the rider is inexperienced and the horse will be nervous in traffic.

2. Slow down as you approach them.

3. Overtake slowly, giving as much space as you can, leave at least a car’s width and accelerate gently away.

4. Be aware of signals from the rider, they may try to slow down or stop. Bear in mind they are using their arms and hands to control the horse so their reactions may be slower.

5. Don’t spook the horse. Avoid splashing through puddles, revving or horn honking. A horse who is suddenly scared is likely to be unpredictable and sudden movement can put them right in front of your car.

Travel safely and watch out for those horses!