Return of the Encore Dressage ‘Shop Sample’

Due to customer demand, Frank Baines Saddlery has relaunched the Encore Dressage ‘Shop Sample’.

The original concept was introduced in 2000 when the Dressage measuring guide, which was made out of clear acetate, was placed over the saddle and the leg position drawn on the plastic. However, following feedback, this measuring guide has been re-engineered and updated.

The measuring guide now forms part of the saddle sample itself by incorporating a machine-stitched graph with grid references on the saddle. This minimises movement and the potential for incorrect measurements to be recorded.

Eight velcro knee-blocks that fit all shapes ranging from large to small, wide to thin, high etc accompany the saddle sample. The rider simply selects their preferred block, sits in the saddle and places the knee-block in the position that best suits them. Using the stitched grid references, the saddle fitter can clearly see the position of the blocks and record the measurements, enabling the saddle to be made to the rider’s exact preferences.

For more information about the Encore Dressage ‘Shop Sample’ please email [email protected]