Fireworks and your horse

It’s that time of year where the pops and bangs of fireworks fill our evenings. While it’s fun for those watching, it can be very frightening for horses and other animals. But there are simple steps you can take to help your horse stay calm during the celebrations. The British Horse Society has shared some useful advice to help keep your horse safe and calm.

Familiarise yourself with local firework events and where possible if they are near to your stables remind them that the horses are there and ask them to release the fireworks away from them.

Keep to a routine. Horses will feel comfortable with where they are most familiar whether that’s in their stable or in a field. Just be extra mindful if their field is near to a firework display. If possible stay with them during nearby displays if you can’t be there ask someone else and ensure they have your contact details.

Check the field, fence and stables for anything that is broken or sharp so if you horse is startled they can’t harm themselves.

Playing music near to your horse can offer a welcome distraction.

If your horse usually becomes stressed talk to your vet about sedation or if necessary move your horse for the night.

Think about your own safety. Don’t go riding at times that fireworks are likely to be set off. If your horse does become aggravated remain calm.

Finally, check your insurance to make sure you have adequate cover in case your horse escapes and causes an accident that you may be held liable for.

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Source: The British Horse Society