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One of our most popular dressage saddles, the deep-seated Omni offers the rider a secure, stable and balanced feel in the seat whilst still allowing the rider and horse to communicate in harmony – essential for the highest level in dressage.

Key Features

Laminated beechwood tree
Deep seat
Secure riding position
Moulded/blocked pad
Generous kneeblock
Available in mono flap
Wool-flocked panel


Product description

A large moulded, blocked pad, together with a generous knee block, enables the rider to have a superior close-contact feel in the leg and still allow full support.

The Omni saddle is designed with a deep centre of balance, to place the rider in the correct position at all times.

A laminated Beech wood tree, deep seated and shaped underneath, with a wide twist.

Omni is also available as a mono version.

Every Omni comes with an embroidered fleece cover, saddle pad & pot of Frank Baines Leather Balsam saddle food.

Omni, for everyone.

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What our customers say…

” I am currently waiting for my Omni mono. I have an incredibly short coupled horse that has contributed to back isses. Coupled with his large shoulders he had been difficult to fit to say the least. He has been going now, for about 7 weeks in his demo omni, and what a difference it has made. He is comfortable and is getting stronger and working on new skills. For me as a rider, as soon as I sat it in it was amazing. Its balance helped me correct my pitching forward and i felt like my leg was able to move independently while staying balanced. And that’s just the demo! I can’t wait until ours is ready. It will make all the difference in the world.” Adrienne, May 20

“I have a Frank Baines Omni dressage saddle for several years now. Unfortunately, after riding (too) long with an insufficiently fitting saddle, my horse had many physical complaints. the Omni saddle has certainly contributed that his back is a lot better. I also receive compliments from others that this saddle is super nice for the rider. For us a wonderful win-win situation, both my horse and I wouldn’t want another saddle.” Mariska May 20

“Since March 2020 I’m the owner of a Frank Baines Omni customised dressage saddle. I love how you can make it like you want to, also the stirrup hooks are great because you can put them on the right place for different riders. The saddles are naturally very comfy and soft for the horse and rider. Me and my daughter would recommend Frank Baines’ saddles to everyone, especially because the saddles are so adjustible for horse and rider.” Oscar Schoon  May 20

“I won when I chose a Frank Baines Omni Dressage saddle, where both me and my daughter have our own anatomical construction and therefore each has a slightly different seat need in the saddle. The Omni gave the right rest for both of us, especially in combination with the adjustable bracket strap hooks. I can now sit better and also focus more on real driving, having good contact again to feel. This saddle gives my horse a well-distributed pressure with balance in the middle of the saddle, also with its high withers, this saddle is well customizable and gives my horse full shoulder freedom.” Juillie May 20