Check the authenticity of your Frank Baines Saddle.

At Frank Baines Saddlery we have been hand-crafting saddles since 1980; that’s a lot of saddles! We stamp each saddle with a serial number under the flap (on the sweat flap) generally on the near side of the saddle, which helps us locate information specific to that saddle such as: Model, Size, Colour, Fit (at time of Manufacture), Any Other Specifications and also the Date it was made and sold.

This serial number also helps us to authenticate that the saddle is made by Frank Baines Saddlery.

Example serial number: 17.5 MW 12345

The serial number normally shows the size (eg 17.5″) and the fit (eg MW) followed by a four or five digit number which is the serial number. We keep a database of serial numbers which we can refer to if you need information about the saddle.

In addition, you may see BS6635 – this is stamped onto the stirrup bar by the manufacturer and shows that the stirrup bar meets British Standard BS EN 6635. This is not the serial number. 

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