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Guarantee & Saddle Care

Your Frank Baines saddle carries a Two Year Guarantee against defective workmanship and materials, subject to fair wear and tear and/or abuse or neglect, and subject to our terms and conditions.

In the unlikely event of a claim, examination will be required by Frank Baines Saddlery Ltd, or person(s) authorised by Frank Baines Saddlery Ltd, along with proof of purchase.  Any alterations or repairs carried out by third parties not authorised by Frank Baines Saddlery Ltd will automatically invalidate the Guarantee.

To improve the procedure should a claim arise we recommend you register your purchase by submitting the form on the Register Your Saddle page.

Fine craftsmanship and high quality materials have been combined to produce all Frank Baines Saddlery products. The natural variations in texture and appearance, prevalent in the grain, make your product unique, and authenticate its genuine leather origin.

Like a fingerprint every hide is unique, each characteristic tells its own story of what went before. The individual hides are brought to life in the tanning process and reflect the character of each skin. The natural markings are proof and may include such things as healed scars, shading and the natural grains of the hide. The painstaking process to select and grade the hides make full grain Aniline leathers the best that you can buy. When you look at leather, you are looking at history…at nature.

All new pieces of leather must be properly treated in order to prolong its life and to help maintain the leather and natural oils.  For daily care we recommend you clean your leather goods after each use by removing all dirt sweat and residue.  Periodically conditioning your leather will help maintain its natural suppleness. However, it is essential that you use products that only contain natural ingredients.

Keep regular checks on billet straps making sure they are supple and kept in good condition.  Avoid exposing your tack to direct sunlight, as extreme heat and temperatures can damage the leather. If the leather is allowed to get wet, leave to dry naturally.

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