Our Riders

Frank Baines Saddlery is pleased to have had the opportunity to work with many of the world’s top riders including Stephen Clarke, Ian Stark, Mary Hanna, Ruth Friend, Polly Stockton, Clive Halsall, Andrew Davies, Lee Williams, Mary King and Beezie Madden.

We are currently sponsoring Kirsten Beckers and Joyce Heuitink and continue to sponsor up-and-coming young riders.

Joyce Heutinik

Joyce Heuitink is an International Grand Prix rider, GP Judge & Trainer and Head Coach & Trainer of the Dutch Paralympic Dressage Squad. With her first Grand Prix horse, Joyce won Gold at the National Championships five times, Silver nine times and Bronze twice.

“I feel extremely lucky with the collaboration with Frank Baines Saddlery. Contacts that arise spontaneously feel the best and I believe this is a great example of that. When I first rode in the Adagio, I immediately felt some differences in the details; just that bit of extra movement in my horses’ back in the transitions and he felt easier in every transition as well. Besides that, the saddle feels very comfortable for me too and the service provided is very good. It feels very good to have a great saddle-fitter on board my personal team, together with a wonderful brand in Frank Baines Saddlery!”

Joyce rides Kingston and Gaudi Vita in our Adagio saddle.


Kirsten Beckers

Five times National Championships winner and Dutch Olympic team member.

“I am very excited and proud to be working with Frank Baines Saddlery. All of my horses are working a lot better in the Frank Baines saddles, and for myself, the saddles make a huge difference too; I’m more comfortable then I’ve ever been!

Kirsten rides Jeniro in our Etude saddle and Easy Quo in Adagio, both from the Symhony.