The choice of saddle is critical to the harmony and partnership of horse and rider and so, it follows, is the selection of the saddler.

Omni Dressage Saddle

Omni Dressage Saddle
Omni Dressage SaddleOmni Dressage Saddle


Omni Dressage (Standard High Head) - Our most popular Dressage Saddle

Master Dressage, not by conquering, by becoming it.

We feel we have successfully designed a high performance saddle that not only offers the rider a secure, stable and balanced feel but still allows the rider and horse to communicate in harmony which is essential at the highest level in dressage.

A Large moulded blocked flap, together with a generous knee block enables the rider to have superior close contact feel in the leg and still allow full support, and an adjustable V girthing system eliminates movement. With our own design of Stirrup Bar that reduces bulk under the riders leg and allows easy access for fitting of the stirrup leathers, to use this bar to its full potential we recommend using the TBar Dressage Stirrup Leathers.

The Tree has a deep open seat and has been designed specifically to distribute the rider’s weight evenly. Designed with a deep centre to put you in the correct position at all times and precision engineered for accuracy while still allowing the close contact feel. Giving you the rider an accurate and secure riding position.  The Standard model is made using a high head tree.  

A second version is available For riders who prefer a lower head please see Omni Dressage (Low Head).

A selection of options are available to allow the saddle to be custom built as well as a large selection tree sizes available for the horse, the option of with or without front gussets is also available.








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Weymouth Dressage Bridle Inc Two Pair Plain Reins
Weymouth Dressage Bridle Inc Two Pair Plain Reins
Elegant Double Bridle made from high quality leather.
Dressage Girth Velcro Lined
Dressage Girth Velcro Lined
Velcro Lined Dressage Girth with a humane balancing system ensuring equal billet pressure.
Sheepskin Liner for Velcro Dressage Girth
Sheepskin Liner for Velcro Dressage Girth
Velcro pure wool sheepskin liner for the Velcro Dressage girth. Machine washable on low temperature
T Bar Dressage Stirrup Leathers
T Bar Dressage Stirrup Leathers
Slim line Dressage Stirrup leathers with T bar fittings ensures closer contact.